Buggy Backup

Buggy Backup

The most powerful backup & application management tool for android devices.
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  • 23.0.5
  • Android 5.0+
  • Everyone
  • 1,000+
<b><u>FEATURES</u></b><b>• Fully featured Application Manager.</b>

<b>• Advanced Backup/Restore/Share features.</b>
- System/User apps (Installer & App Data (External/Complete)).
- System Settings.
- Contacts.
- Messages.

<b>• Advanced Auto Backup system for both Installers and App Data.</b>

<b>• All the features are also available as batch operation.</b>
- Batch Backup (ROOT NOT Required)
- Batch Restore (ROOT Required)
- Batch Install/Uninstall (ROOT Required)
- And More ...

<b>• Backup your apps WHEREVER YOU WANT.</b>
- Internal Storage
- Removable SD Card
- USB Drives (OTG)
• Any Cloud Storage:
     - Google Drive
     - DropBox
     - OneDrive
     - And all the others (this one is available via 'Share' option)

<b>• Share apps/backups using WHATEVER YOU WANT.</b>
- Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi Direct
- IR
- And any app that supports file sharing ...

<b>• Portable (Single File) backups (Installer/App Data).</b>

<b>• See detailed App/Backup info and access advanced options for any app.</b>
- Package name
- Version Name & Version Code
- Activities
- Services
- Broadcast Receivers
- Providers
- Permissions and their state
- Compatible OS range
- Full date & time of installation/backup
- And many more ...

<b>• Built-in Backup Importer.</b>

<b>• Application(s) and System generated junk cleaner.</b>
- App(s) Cache Cleaner
- System Cache Cleaner (ROOT Required)
- Corpse Cleaner
- And more ...

<b>• Application conversion (System to User and vise versa).</b>

<b>• Disable/Enable Apps.</b>

<b>• App specific private Data and Cache cleaner.</b>

<b>• Reset individual app settings.</b>

<b>• Built-in App lock System for better security.</b>

<b>• Interactive Search.</b>
- Search apps and backups with highlighted characters - interactively - all in one place!

<b>• Separate dedicated tabs for each kind of apps/backups.</b>
- So that you can find everything easily!

<b>• Huge set of controls and customization settings.</b>

<b>• Four beautiful material design themes.</b>

<b>• And tons of other unique & interesting features.</b>

<b>• And a lot more...</b>

<b><u>DEFINITIONS</u></b><b>• External Data</b>
- External core data
- Media components

<b>• Internal Data</b>
- Internal & External core data
- Settings
- Databases

<b>• Complete Data</b>
- (Internal Data + External Data)

<b><u>NOTES</u></b>• If you are not satisfied in any way, we are here to refund!

• Also, if you can't afford it, but need it, please do not hesitate. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to help you!

• If you are interested to translate the app, please join the Crowdin translation project at https://crwd.in/buggy-backup

<b>THANK YOU</b>