Boomerang Parental Control - Screen Time app

Boomerang Parental Control - Screen Time app

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Try Boomerang Parental Control to easily blocks apps, set and enforce screen time limits, view your child's GPS location and track device usage to bring balance to your kids’ Android devices. Set and change these digital ground rules anytime from your parent device with our free parent mode.

<b>Monitor and Control Screen Time</b>

► <i>Flexible Screen Time:</i> Keep tabs on device usage, app usage, encouraging your child’s digital wellbeing - set daily device time limits and schedules. Review their usage with our detailed per app reporting.

► <i>Screen Time Schedules:</i> Set device downtime at bedtime - Put an end to games, social media and other distractions when kids should be charging up their batteries (oh and charge the devices outside of their room too).

► <i>Per App Daily Limits:</i> Once you have a device limit, continue to optimize your child's screen time by setting individual daily limits on individual apps that may be used too much inside the daily allocation (examples like social media apps or streaming apps).

<b>Guide and Teach Good Screen Time</b>

► <i>App Control:</i> Per app daily timer, control and monitor the apps your kids install and use - approve or block newly installed from the Play Store and other sources. Start conversations about your child’s interest in certain apps and how they heard about them. Get notified if a “Vault App” was installed before it becomes a problem.

► <i>Monitor the YouTube App History:</i> Boomerang will grab the YouTube app viewing and search history. Review your child’s YouTube usage on your parent device with Parent Mode.

Tip: Enable Restricted Mode in the YouTube app, then block access to this setting by reading our how-to here:

► <i>Educate by Encouraging Good Apps:</i> Encourage good apps and great screen time experiences with our Encouraged Apps feature. Set learning, language, math, health and other important apps without any time limits. These apps will always be allowed and be accessible beyond all screen time limits.

► <i>Safe Browsing:</i> Monitor your child's web history with our free fully featured safe browser, SPIN, with enforced Google SafeSearch and millions of bad websites blocked (like pornography, nudity, drugs and gambling). Boomerang's app blocker technology blocks all known web browsers so your child will always have a safe browsing experience via SPIN.

<b>Contact us for this bonus feature - [email protected]</b>
► <i>Call and Text Messaging Safety:</i> Monitor your child’s phone and receive notifications when text messages contain bad words or unknown contacts. Our keyword dictionary can be used to detect language that may be related to cyberbullying, harassment or worse.

<i>Our Family Pack Annual license is affordable and covers up to 10 child devices.</i>

<i>Discover why parents choose Boomerang over many of the other popular parental control apps! Read our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews from parents and ⭐️ reviews from kids.</i> 😉

<b>Important Notes for Child Mode</b>
This app uses the Device Administrator permission
This app uses Accessibility services
Samsung Knox: Used to enhance the security of Samsung devices
Notification Access: Needed to mute notifications when time's up
Supports Android 5.x and higher

<b>Why Boomerang Parental Control over other parental control apps?</b>
Boomerang Parental Control establishes screen time and boundaries for your child’s Android device. It also helps you start conversations with your child about their device usage, good apps, bad apps, web browsing, video viewing and more. Control your child's smartphone from Android and iOS parent devices.

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