Heroes Strike - 3v3 Moba Brawl Shooting

Heroes Strike - 3v3 Moba Brawl Shooting

Modern 3v3 MOBA - A perfect blend of STRATEGY & ACTION in 4-minute combat!👍😉
4.0 / 5

  • 53
  • Android 4.2+
  • Teen
  • 100,000+ downloads
  • 100,000+
<b>3v3 MOBA Shooter game – Free to play with true Esport spirit, you’ve found it!</b>

<b>A unique PvP combat style made with a perfect balance between fun and depth:</b>
- Equip your hero with 2 skills of choice beside main hero ability – a great blend of strategy and action
- 4-minute short match – ultra ideal for on-the-go gaming
- Huge collection of heroes, each with signature attack and ability (fury)
- Multiple choices of skills in many types: attack, defense, stun, support…

<b>Designed for freebies!</b>
- You get 3 solid heroes in each class plus 5 different skills to begin with
- Generous reward, easy progression
- All items made accessible for free

<b>As a Moba game player, you will love this game to bits and pieces!</b>
- A fair which is “all-about-skill” mid-core game, yet simple rules and easy to learn
- Simple control for a smooth gaming experience
- Balanced characters and skills
- New content comes out frequently (new heroes, skins, skills, arenas, modes…)
- Lag-free: we have servers around the world!
- Fun events available all times, also great chances to earn decent items
- Guild with deep design: 7 roles, guild quests and rewards, Guild war…Because game is much more fun to play with friends!

<b>Battle is calling your name!
Prepare your tactics, fight side by side with friends and climb up the League!</b>