Offline Route Directions & Satellite Traffic Map

Offline Route Directions & Satellite Traffic Map

GPS offline maps and live traffic updates will make your driving more easy.
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Offline Route Directions & Satellite Traffic Map is developed to enjoy offline maps and navigation. Once you need internet to download map of your country. And then you can enjoy offline navigation with this GPS world offline map: live driving route guide. 3D driving routes and road traffic maps will need internet for better results. You can also get your live location on map and can easily share your location with your friends and family.

Offline Maps
GPS offline maps will let you have live navigation on offline maps. But firstly, you have to download maps of your country. Then you can easily have live navigation on these maps. You will have maps of almost all countries in this Offline Route Directions & Satellite Traffic Map app. You just need to download map of your country and then you can search even city to city maps.

Live Traffic
Live traffic maps will let you look traffic on maps. You can set your driving route and change your plan after have look on traffic maps. Traffic maps will show you live traffic information and updates on roads and let you set your fastest traveling plan. You can also change types of map like simple map, satellite map etc.

Driving Map
3D driving map will draw shortest and best possible route for you. You just need to enter your current position and destination location. This route map will draw best possible and shortest route for you with estimated time and distance. Follow voice navigation and reach at your destination with best shortest routes.

Current Location
Current location will tell you your position on map. You can find your location on map at anytime, anywhere on live earth map. You can also share your position with your friends and family.

• Route planner with offline maps
• Live traffic maps
• Find current location anytime, anywhere
• Live navigation with road routes
• Instant traffic alerts
• Discover real time and short driving routes